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Brief History of China Soaring Crane Qigong

"Qigong" means breathing exercise has been developed to a sophisticated level and practice by the Chinese during the past 4000 years.
The chinese word "Qi" literally means breath, energy or air.

Today, there are many forms of Qigong available, Soaring Crane Qigong became one of the popular forms in China as well as in Europe, America and South East Asia with millions of people practicing.
It was developed and introduced to people all over the world in 1979 by Master Zhao Jin Xiang.
Master Zhao developed Soaring Crane Qigong as a means of creating the benefits of qigong available to many people in a form that is easy to learn and bring noticeable results in a short period of time.

Senior Master Tan Cheng Hak and Senior Master Wang Tai Tong conducting a mass Qigong exercise at Hong Kah Community Centre.

The Spirit of China Soaring Crane Qigong

It is imitating the movements of the red headed crane (Her Xiang), their graceful movement with characteristics considered worthy of emulation predates and influences in the development of Soaring Crane Qigong.

The Five Routines

1. "Gathering Qi from the Six Directions" (North, South, East, West, Heavens & Earth) (Liu Fang He Her)

2. "Penetrating or becoming a channel between Heavens and Earth" (Zhu Di Ton Tian)

3. "Crane's head Carrying Qi through Governor Vessel (Du Mai) and Conception Vessel (Ren Mai) (He Shou Tong Guan)

4. "Crane touching water" (Xiang Her Dian Shui)

5. "Mingling with the source of all Qi" (Hun Yuan Gui Yi)


The purpose of practicing qigong is to become a channel between Heavens and Earth, to attain harmony among Heavens, oneself and Earth.

I have chosen to practice "Soaring Crane Qigong" because of its simplicity of form and practice. It is a system of gentle physical movement, mental visualizations (focus) and breathing exercise that open the meridian channels of the body, through which "Qi" flows.


Practicing Qigong balances all systems of the mind and body. Its provides the balance you need and can help you as follows.:-

1. Improves your blood circulation.

2. Lower (or raise, if needed) your blood pressure.

3. Learn to relax, reduce stress and sleep better.

4. Boost your immune system and the internal system of your body.

5. Lifts one's spirit to replace anxiety and depression.

6. Clear toxins out of your body.

7. Improve your digestive system through the increase of your saliva and digestive systems.

8. Boost your mental powers and develop your psychic powers.

9. Feel fresh and become healthier in mind and body.

10. Increase your flexibility and improve you ability to balance.


Our Ayer Rajah West Coast Community Sport Club Hunyuan Qigong team performing at Hong Kah North Community Centre.
We practice twice a week ( Friday : 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm & Sunday : 7.30 am to 9.30 am at Pandan Gardens Children Playground, next to Block 401).

Participating at Kampong Glam Community Centre, "Multi Racial Family Day" event.

Supporting Yishun South Community Club at their annual mass Hunyuan Qigong exercise.

Celebrating our annual "1119" and Hexiang Zhuang Qigong 27th anniversary at Hong Kah Community Centre.

Our Singapore delegation at the 4th. National Conference of China Hexiang Zhung Qigong at Kedah, Malaysia.

Meeting our Kedah Qigong friends at the old colonial country club. (remembering the old days...)

Touring Penang famous Buddhist Temple with our Malaysian Qigong friends

With our Toawa and Semporna Qigong friends at Sipadan Water village at Pulau Mabul, Sabah, East Malaysia.

Exploring Nadhud Bird Nest Cave, together with our Toawa Qigong friends.

Cooling and enjoying the tingling sensation of our feet (being nimble by small fishes) after treking at Mt. Kota Kinabalu.

With our KK and German Qigong friends at KK, after our morning exercise.

Participating mass Qigong exercise at KK, conducted by Master Jackson C.K. Wong.

At Mt. Kota Kinabalu with our Kedah and S. Petani Qigong friends.

Together, we had our morning exercise at Sedakan Hexiang Zhuang premises.

Semporna Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Association welcoming us...( a very warm enviroment)

Group photograph of Qigong friends from various states of Malaysia.

A gift to Toawa Hexiang Zhuang Association on their auspicious opening ceremony day.

Other Activities

Our Ayer Rajah West Coast CSC Dragon Boat Team practicing at the Singapore River.

Our Ayer Rajah West Coast CSC team competing at the annual People's Association-Constituency Invitation Dragon Boat Race, also known as Singapore River Regatta.

Our Ayer Rajah West Coast RC Zone 2, fortnightly mass exercise cum walk & jog.

Resident Children Blocks Party at Block 25 Teban Gardens, organized by Ayer Rajah West Coast RC Zone 2.


Celebrating our Multi Racial Mid Autumn Lantern Festival at Ayer Rajah Block 25.

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